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“Please make three memorial quilts made from my husband’s ties”.  That is how this project got started when Doris dropped off a bagful of ties and lots of memories.

Doris' Gene Memory

She wanted all three quilts to be different in design but wanted as many of the ties as possible to be used in each quilt.  Originally, we thought the 39 ties would be adequate but soon discovered that each tie, even when deconstructed and opened up, does not have a lot of fabric.

Tony's MemoryThe designs we came up with required the addition of cotton fabric to fill it out.  We used a soft beige complementary color.  Doris loved them and that’s all that counts!  

Gene Memory

Memory/memorial quilt making is always a joy and a challenge. We are so touched to be allowed to honor the person and to help keep their memory alive. It always amazes us how a tub full of clothing can be turned into an article of comfort and renewed love and joy. When someone allows us to share in the life of their loved ones, we take that responsibility very seriously and do our best to honor them with the quilt design, the colors used and of course, the final quilting, which brings the whole project together.

Some of our projects have included quilts made from sparkly jeans, men shirt pockets, wool coats, and baseball caps! We’ve made wall hangings, lap quilts, king size quilts and even pillows. Go to overthetopquilting.com/memorymemorial-quilt-gallery/ for examples of our work.



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April Fools!!

Little did we know that we would be an integral part of a master planned April Fools’ joke, but as always we were ‘in’! When our veteran client Susan came to us with bags and bags of her children’s clothing again, we knew we were in for another design and construction challenge.

Approximately 5 years ago Susan brought us buckets of clothing to make her three children memory quilts. Since it had been such fun to work with Susan we were excited to have the chance to work with her again. This time the children were all in high school and each had such a special story we were thrilled to translate into quilts.

Aaron’s challenge was to take his passion of soccer and represent each of the teams that he played on and the professional teams that he followed and piece them in a way that was pleasing to his very ordered personality. 20120509-184339.jpg

Our next challenge was to make a free flowing all inclusive quilt to represent the personality of Jake. Base on the clothing that we had before us, we could tell that Jake was a fun loving, independent thinker and we wanted to encompass all that he was in a wild type quilt. We used all parts of his clothing, including his shorts, sweatshirts, and t-shirts to capture his essence. 20120509-184500.jpg

Lastly, we were to make Sara’s quilt. When reviewing her clothing we could see that she was a creative young lady who tastes the world and has a taste for reaching for the stars. We decided to capture each of the special elements of her clothing and wrap them in stars to represent her grand vision and future. 20120509-184611.jpg

At mom’s request we quilted in a special expression so that each of them knows how treasured they are by their mom.

After months of planning and picking fabrics, the quilts were ready. Although these quilts were ready to be picked up in March, Susan decided she wanted to deliver them to the children on April 1 as an April Fool’s joke. She and her family were in the process of moving to a new home but she made them stop for a break to come to our studio to have her family meet her “two tennis partners”! Now if any of you know either Susan or I, we do not play tennis!! So in come the three children and her wonderful husband and we are introduced. We bring them up to our studio and we ask them to turn around while we get something for them. We have each of the quilts hung and have the children look at them. For a few long seconds, Aaron looks at the hanging and then realizes it is his shirts!! April Fools! Susan, Susan and I shout and we then reveal each of the other quilts! Getting to know this family over the past few years by well versed stories and then meeting each of them made our ‘job’ more of a joy.

Joking aside, working on this project we once again rose to challenges of time and fabric. We quilted each of these using our APQS Millennium, quilting patterns that reflected each of their special personalities.


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