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Cooper's Cubes


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Cooper's Cubes We immediately fell in love with this quilt top. The simplicity of the design, the inventive use of color and the great proportions made this very attractive. But when we heard that it was designed by a 10 year old boy, we were floored. Although his grandma Lynda sewed it together, she did so under his direction.

The batiks were richly combined and made a perfect canvas for some wonderful quilting on the front. But when we discovered that the backing was Minkee, it was even more fun! Using a deep pile fabric on the back allows the bobbin thread to really sink in and make wonderful shadows.

I used my brilliant APQS Quilt Path on my Millennium to quilt it using Anita Shackelford’s design. Modern Snails, which I just love for it’s playfulness and depth.

We learned that Cooper really enjoys manipulating fabric and in particular, shows real talent as a designer. He is someone to watch as he grows up. Remember his name; we may be enjoying his quilts in a few years to come.


A few years ago, here in Texas, we met a delightful couple, Katie and Brian, who needed help completing a few quilts. We watched them create a family with each new baby. And we helped complete the quilts for those new babies.


Then we got the news that they would be moving to Brooklyn, NY. But before they packed up and left, Katie brought over a large box of Brian’s old sports T-shirts and asked us to make them into a quilt. We were given full creative license on the sashing, border and backing fabrics and we had a ball picking them out. Although the quilting is simple, it went so easily using our APQS Millennium longarm machine.Brian's sport shirts

The sashing is a combo of whites and grays, signifying the edginess of Brooklyn living. The border is a more subdued gray, almost corporate-tie-like to recognize Brian’s work in Texas. And the back is special. It looks like birds on a wire, ready to soar which is exactly what we expect from this young, beautiful, vibrant and talented family.

So, are Katie and Brian Texans per their birth or New Yorkers per their current location? We say they are both – the best of both at that too.



You’ve heard of the new practice, called Trash the Dress where brides at the end of their wedding reception jump into a pool or wade into the ocean, fully attired in their wedding dress? It’s obviously the opposite to saying Yes to the Dress and honestly, is not something we fully understand or appreciate. Instead, we so enjoy preserving the dress in some way as a cherished memory.

And that’s exactly what Andria decided to do for her wedding remembrance. She wanted to have us create 3 wall hangings from her mother’s early 1970’s wedding and give them to members of her family. Since there was not much that was not stained, aged or an abundance of usable lace, we decided to fussy cut out individual sections and highlight them in a pretty design. We quilted around each piece, making it stand out and be the star of each 27″x27″ quilt. The corners were done using a formal pattern from APQS’ computerized system Quilt Path.


I think this was a much better use than just ‘trashing the dress’. What do you think?


What do you get a one year old for their birthday?  Why, a quilt made from her baby clothes, of course.   So that’s what we did!

Modern clothes, modern colors, even modern straight line quilting!

Modern clothes, modern colors, even modern straight line quilting!


Here’s what the sweet clothes looked like after we cut them apart.   We saved the best parts for the quilt itself!

The detritus of baby clothes

The detritus of baby clothes

To stay with the modern feel of the quilt, it was quilted by Chris using irregularly spaced parallel straight lines, a piece of cake to do with the channel lock on our APQS Millennium Longarm machine.

So the next time you are searching for a gift for a one year old (or the Mom of a one year old), think quilts!


Carmel's Children

Carmel’s Children

When Carmel asked us to duplicate a quilting pattern of random A B C 1 2 3s on a quilt, we were first reluctant to take on this challenge. We had to find the exact font for the characters and duplicate the irregular orientation of the letters/numbers. Quilt Path to the rescue!! And a fellow APQS Longarm quilter and Quilt Path expert, Angela. Together, we developed a motif using all the design capabilities of the software.

We did a good job and the client was happy. What more can one ask?

To learn more about Quilt Path for your APQS machines, please contact us. To learn more about Angela, check out her blog, threadwaggle.blogspot.com.


Original ABCs


New ABCs with Quilt Path


From the back

20131114-213105.jpgI love my APQS Quilt Path! Our client wanted the simplest of designs on her modern quilt: just randomly spaced parallel straight lines. What could be easier, especially with the horizontal channel lock on our APQS Millennium! I prepared the quilt and prepared myself to spend the next few hours setting the lock and walking my Longarm machine across the quilt top for as many times as necessary to enhance the overall design. Easy as could be. But other undone work began nagging at me.

Quilt Path to the rescue! I created a design of a simple straight line, set the starting and ending point of each pass and voila! I was able to get the customer quilt done as well as
– creating and attaching borders to a king size quiltTwp borders for Dresden Plate

– cutting strips for binding and creating it
– creating a backing for a third quilt
– cutting pieces for blocks for a fourth quilt

Memory quilt block

Yes, I had to keep popping up to reposition the Millennium but in between, I got an awful lot of work done while still producing a high quality designed quilt.

Did I mention that I love my APQS Quilt Path computerized system attached to my Millennium? I sure do!



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