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Chris, Mom, and I are so excited! We’ve opened a new, spacious studio in Cedar Park, Texas – for clients from all over Central Texas. Our new location is:

Over The Top Quilting Studio
The Commons Shopping Center
200 Buttercup Creek Blvd – Suite 111
Cedar Park, TX
(Here’s a map)

We will continue to see clients by appointment at our studio in Westlake Hills, Texas.











IMG_2722Our new studio has 4 APQS longarm machines for you to try and to rent, longarm essentials on sale, and a classroom for us to exchange ideas and knowledge.






The expanded services at the new studio include:
♦ Machine rental on 4 APQS longarm quilting machines:
— Millennium
— Lucey
— Lenni
— George
♦ Longarm quilting classes:
— Beginner’s Longarm Quilting Class
— Advanced Beginner’s Longarm Quilting Class
— Longarm Rental Certification Class
♦ APQS Certified service on your longarm machine
♦ Longarm supplies and accessories

Of course we still are very proud to longarm quilt your quilt, our quilt creation: t-shirt quilts, memorial quilts, and custom quilts.

Thanks to everyone who made our grand opening a success – and a fun and educational event! For our friends who were not able to attend, here are some images from the day.

A video of the Grand Opening ribbon cutting and first visitors.

Slideshow of the Grand Opening – a fun event for all ages.

We’d love you to come visit us at our new studio location!

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Quilts as a raffle prize are a great way to raise money.   Two weeks ago Sue called, needing  some help with a quilt that she had put together for a fundraiser.   We held our breath since typically these projects are pretty much last-minute and put together in a rush.   However,  this one was quite different.   This was a quilt that was made with warm colors and beautifully put together.    This quilt had alternating squares that were hand embroidered by the students from her child’s Montessori class.  Little did we know those hand embroidered squares were made by four and five-year old children!   The children had just completed their section on leaves and had each sewn different leaf shapes.   The color combination of the surrounding squares along with the amazing skill made this a joyful quilt!


We had the task of highlighting those very special squares and the other blocks.   We mimicked a variety of leaves with our thread work.   After we quilted this piece  with our APQS Millennium  it is now ready for auction.    This auction will help support the programs at this local Montessori school.  We hope it brings in lots of funds for the little kids at this school.    Would you like to have a raffle quilt for your organization?

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Just a few weeks ago we were approached by a lovely young woman from the Chi Omega sorority at the University of Texas at Austin Texas. She wanted us to make a quilt from her organization’s T-shirts to be used as a raffle quilt for their chosen charity, Make A Wish Foundation.

As a way of keeping costs low, we asked Sallie to prepare the shirts by cutting, stabilizing and sizing them which she skillfully did by spending a few Friday mornings working with us in our Studio. We then completed the piecing of it for her and of course, did the quilting of it on our APQS Millennium machine.
Sallie had the quilt in time for the raffle which brought in a decent amount of money that went directly to the support of their wonderful chosen charity.
Do any of your supported organizations have a raffle coming up? Consider this very creative, useful, warm and profitable idea – make a quilt from your old T-shirts!

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We have found that many people have turned to us to help them take their memories and turn them into quilts, of all forms!
Today, I want to get you thinking about that pile of well worn and well-loved T-shirts that have been sitting around somewhere, gathering dust. Did you know they could possibly be turned into funds to help a good cause???
The one pictured today is going to be a raffle quilt, actually one of three similar ones that we created out of a local elementary school’s shirts. They will be raffled off to raise money to support the school and children’s activities. Now, isn’t that a creative use of those stuffed in drawers?
Actually, these three are only the latest in a series of raffle quilts we have done. One, in 2007, was bought for $5000!!!!!!!!! That’s nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure.
So, think about it. Can your old shirts be turned into something warm, wonderful and most of all filled with memories that can be used as a raffle item for your organization?
Tomorrow, I will show you an incredibly loving quilt from a Mom to her talented daughter. see you then.

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