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Chris, Mom, and I are so excited! We’ve opened a new, spacious studio in Cedar Park, Texas – for clients from all over Central Texas. Our new location is:

Over The Top Quilting Studio
The Commons Shopping Center
200 Buttercup Creek Blvd – Suite 111
Cedar Park, TX
(Here’s a map)

We will continue to see clients by appointment at our studio in Westlake Hills, Texas.











IMG_2722Our new studio has 4 APQS longarm machines for you to try and to rent, longarm essentials on sale, and a classroom for us to exchange ideas and knowledge.






The expanded services at the new studio include:
♦ Machine rental on 4 APQS longarm quilting machines:
— Millennium
— Lucey
— Lenni
— George
♦ Longarm quilting classes:
— Beginner’s Longarm Quilting Class
— Advanced Beginner’s Longarm Quilting Class
— Longarm Rental Certification Class
♦ APQS Certified service on your longarm machine
♦ Longarm supplies and accessories

Of course we still are very proud to longarm quilt your quilt, our quilt creation: t-shirt quilts, memorial quilts, and custom quilts.

Thanks to everyone who made our grand opening a success – and a fun and educational event! For our friends who were not able to attend, here are some images from the day.

A video of the Grand Opening ribbon cutting and first visitors.

Slideshow of the Grand Opening – a fun event for all ages.

We’d love you to come visit us at our new studio location!

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Hearts filled with prayers

I believe there are a handful of times when we are able to truly make a difference in someone’s life. I know that we are called to do that on a daily basis, but do we? I imagine our actions however subtle CAN make a difference. We can share a smile, allow someone in our lane, pat someone on the back. Those are gentle touches that oftentimes subconsciously touch someone’s heart and soul.
I had the privilege to do a bit more than that over these past few days. A previous client contacted me this past Friday with desperation in her voice. “Chris, I need a big favor”…was how the voicemail started. I had just checked my voicemail sitting in the parking lot after leaving a funeral for a friend who had suddenly and quite unexpectedly passed away. Needless to say I was spent and somewhat raw from the morning. This message reminded me of how precious life is and I had to set myself aside. I listened to the message and the urgency made me realize this was not the “typical” urgent message from a client who may have dragged her feet in getting a quilt done for a baby shower or birthday gift. I knew this was different.
I called Debbie back and she said to me that she and her mom were working feverishly on getting two quilts done for her sister. Her sister was just diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Through her tears I understood how important it was to have these quilts made and finished for her sister. I promised her that if she were to get the tops pieced, I would quilt them over and above our queue of quilts.

I have sisters. I know the connection you feel for them. I would bleed for them and I felt this way about this. My sisters, Susan, MaryEllen and me!I had planned on being out-of-town on the weekend so I asked that she drop them off the first thing on Monday. While at the studio, the doorbell rang and Debbie stood there with these two beautifully colored quilts. She handed this bag of love over to me and I hugged her and said I’ve got this. Go take care of your sister, I will have these done as soon as possible. I hugged her and off she went. I came upstairs and

No time awastin’

realized I was to do them NOW. I put on an extra wide backing, found the exact size batting (end of roll right amount needed…!!) and off I went. I had the two quilts on the machine at the same time and I said prayers for Debbie, her mother and especially her sister. I thought of my own mother and sisters, and realized that we are truly all sisters in one family. On one quilt I added twists and turns, hearts and swirls, thinking of the journey that they were about to embark on. I had pulsating hearts, triple hearts to symbolize the three women. I added her name and surrounded it with hearts, so she knew that she is surrounded by love and prayer. I quilted the other quilt with more curves, spirals, something more elegant, how I see Debbie. Beautiful, lean, elegant. As I trimmed them up, took out the pins and smoothed out the edges I shed a tear imagining the struggle this family was to endure.

For my sister

Today Debbie picked up the quilts explaining to me why two… One for her sister and one for herself. Since they both tend to be cold they knew they would be spending many hours in doctors’ offices. The quilt was made in part with their mom, who is not a huge hugger but wanted to surround her daughter with her love. Her ‘hug’ was this quilt that she will wrap around her daughter during the many hours spent waiting.

I feel so blessed to be part of this journey. I hope they all know that although I am not a true member of their family, I am one with them.

I believe in the extreme power of prayer. Through this quilt story and if every one of you if you would offer a prayer or positive energy for Debbie’s sister, for the family, for the doctors for everyone that will care for them together they will get through this.
I believe we all can make a difference. Thanks for listening.


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When we were approached by a client to make a quilt for a woman who was facing the struggle of her life, we embraced the challenge. Randee came to us with a plan – help me make a quilt for my dear friend Stacy so that she will know she will be wrapped with love and prayers. Randee took the initiative to get this project moving. We were given the fabric and were to cut them into the appropriate squares and then give them back to Randee to have her rally the friends and family to design their sentiments on each square.  We got those squares to her within the same day and then in a very short amount of  time we had the beautifully heartfelt handmade squares back in our hands. We then added some very lovely and meaningful photos to the mix and designed a prayer and love filled quilt.

It was obvious that each square was made with great love and caring but there were two squares that needed to be placed together – the heart with the initials of the husband and wife alongside their photo.

 In that section we decided to add the squares made by their children.

We centered the quilt with a cross symbolizing their deep faith, clearly reflecting their belief in the power of faith and prayers.  As these squares were being sewn together our thoughts went to the family, how they are bound together through this difficult time.  Each square had either words of encouragement, meaningful scripture or photos of joyous times together. There was an underlining theme of hearts, crosses and sunshine. We got to see into the life of a very special women, one who is greatly loved, clearly has a deep faith and is the sunshine and laughter to so many.  As I moved my APQS Millennium across this fabric I imparted my prayers, my positive energy and now my love.

As longarm quilters, we are so blessed and honored to be a part of projects that have such a deep meaning and will provide a warm quilt to wrap Stacy during this time of her life – not just with fabric but with much love from so many. The power of love,  friendship and prayer can move mountains and with that we are  believers in her success.

When the quilt was presented to Stacy ……she was speechless.

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