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 The baby seems to be happy with the final result which made the math challenge worthwhile!


Finding the angle

Jeanne really challenged us with this one!  She wanted this elephant quilt wall hanging to be quited with lines indicating rain showers on the entire piece, including a very specific backing. But the lines of rain needed to be at a strict 60 degree angle. Geometry to the rescue.

IMG_5886We used the formula for a 30/60/90 triangle which helped me know the proper positioning of the quilt top on the backing/batting. It was necessary to ‘pad’ Jeanne’s quilt top with triangles which ’tilted’ the piece on our longarm machine so the 60 degree angle lines were straight-across lines,  Although it looked weird when loaded on the longarm leaders, the quilt was at the angle Jeanne wanted and gave me a perfectly straight line (using my APQS Millennium channel lock!). Thank you Euclid or Pythagoras (I don’t remember which).



Have you ever had to use geometry to get a quilt done in a unique way?



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Chris, Mom, and I are so excited! We’ve opened a new, spacious studio in Cedar Park, Texas – for clients from all over Central Texas. Our new location is:

Over The Top Quilting Studio
The Commons Shopping Center
200 Buttercup Creek Blvd – Suite 111
Cedar Park, TX
(Here’s a map)

We will continue to see clients by appointment at our studio in Westlake Hills, Texas.











IMG_2722Our new studio has 4 APQS longarm machines for you to try and to rent, longarm essentials on sale, and a classroom for us to exchange ideas and knowledge.






The expanded services at the new studio include:
♦ Machine rental on 4 APQS longarm quilting machines:
— Millennium
— Lucey
— Lenni
— George
♦ Longarm quilting classes:
— Beginner’s Longarm Quilting Class
— Advanced Beginner’s Longarm Quilting Class
— Longarm Rental Certification Class
♦ APQS Certified service on your longarm machine
♦ Longarm supplies and accessories

Of course we still are very proud to longarm quilt your quilt, our quilt creation: t-shirt quilts, memorial quilts, and custom quilts.

Thanks to everyone who made our grand opening a success – and a fun and educational event! For our friends who were not able to attend, here are some images from the day.

A video of the Grand Opening ribbon cutting and first visitors.

Slideshow of the Grand Opening – a fun event for all ages.

We’d love you to come visit us at our new studio location!

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Sisters cropped rectangleWhat a busy two weeks! First the grand opening of our new APQS longarm studio in Cedar Park, Texas for all of our Central Texas clients. Now Quiltcon at the Austin Convention Center – Thursday, February 19th through Sunday February 21st.



QuiltconPlease come visit us at booth 211. We like to see you and hear your experiences using longarms in unusual ways, from assembling quilts, quilting quilts, to creating quilted fabrics for so many uses. And having fun doing it. We’d love to hear what you think we should be doing, now that we’ve expanded our services for you. Chris and Susan will be there along with a number of experts from the APQS family.

We’ll have 3 APQS longarm machines for you to see and experience.

We were mentioned in the Austin American Statesman article on Quiltcon and modern quilting. We think that’s pretty cool!

See you at Quiltcon?! We hope so!

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Cooper's Cubes We immediately fell in love with this quilt top. The simplicity of the design, the inventive use of color and the great proportions made this very attractive. But when we heard that it was designed by a 10 year old boy, we were floored. Although his grandma Lynda sewed it together, she did so under his direction.

The batiks were richly combined and made a perfect canvas for some wonderful quilting on the front. But when we discovered that the backing was Minkee, it was even more fun! Using a deep pile fabric on the back allows the bobbin thread to really sink in and make wonderful shadows.

I used my brilliant APQS Quilt Path on my Millennium to quilt it using Anita Shackelford’s design. Modern Snails, which I just love for it’s playfulness and depth.

We learned that Cooper really enjoys manipulating fabric and in particular, shows real talent as a designer. He is someone to watch as he grows up. Remember his name; we may be enjoying his quilts in a few years to come.


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A few years ago, here in Texas, we met a delightful couple, Katie and Brian, who needed help completing a few quilts. We watched them create a family with each new baby. And we helped complete the quilts for those new babies.


Then we got the news that they would be moving to Brooklyn, NY. But before they packed up and left, Katie brought over a large box of Brian’s old sports T-shirts and asked us to make them into a quilt. We were given full creative license on the sashing, border and backing fabrics and we had a ball picking them out. Although the quilting is simple, it went so easily using our APQS Millennium longarm machine.Brian's sport shirts

The sashing is a combo of whites and grays, signifying the edginess of Brooklyn living. The border is a more subdued gray, almost corporate-tie-like to recognize Brian’s work in Texas. And the back is special. It looks like birds on a wire, ready to soar which is exactly what we expect from this young, beautiful, vibrant and talented family.

So, are Katie and Brian Texans per their birth or New Yorkers per their current location? We say they are both – the best of both at that too.


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That was the reaction from Lisa when she saw the memory quilt celebrating the early years of her daughter Bella. It was also accompanied by her literally jumping up and down with joy. Nothing could have been more fun and satisfying for us.

The creation of this quilt was not an easy journey. We first met with Lisa in 2011 with a full year hiatus before we have enough direction to continue. However, each visit with Lisa was such fun that we didn’t mind the extended design sessions at all. Lisa always kept us entertained with tales of Bella’s early childhood. She told us of the first time she held Bella as her adopted Mom. About the clothes she first wore home. About the ballet sessions. About the dance recitals. About the family dinners (Lisa even brought us a container of her delicious ‘gravy’ or sauce since she is from the northeast like ourselves).

Like so many trips in our lives it’s not about the destination but about the journey and this trip was filled with much laughter, tears, communication and friendship. This quilt, like so many of them that come to our studio are filled with stories that make the quilt not just filled with fabric, thread and batting, but with love and friendship.


Take a moment to read this song verse which perfectly describes Lisa’s love for her Bella.



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Miranda fullEvery Mom cherishes the young years of their children’s lives. This is the time when they amaze us with their growth spurts and with their incredible ability to absorb new skills. We all have tried to capture those different phases different ways, some by recording as many moments as possible of their child’s milestones, others by convincing themselves that they will never forget because of the pure pleasure they feel in watching their child grow.

Miranda went a step further. Miranda’s words were that she wanted to ” capture their babyhood before they moved on to the next stage”. She had us build a quilt for her out of her young girls’ clothes, everything from baby T-shirts, to sun dresses, overalls and ‘big girl panties’. Every star was made from the clothing Miranda brought to us. We had to stretch some of them to get enough for the stars but it was a truly fun and rewarding job for us to share in this Mom’s joy with her two girls. Once it was pieced together, we had the fun of quilting it on our APQS Millennium longarm machine.

RufflesSun Dress

What a fun and unique way to remember those sweet young child years! Here’s to Harper Grace and Logan Olivia! May you always bring only joyful memories to your Mom.

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